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June 7, 2015

Happy June, fellow geeks!  A Carrier of Fire is pleased to announce that we'll have a table at Wizard World Richmond the weekend of July 31 through August 2.  Come see us at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Broad St. in between your visits to meet Billy Dee Williams, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler, Linda Blair, Billie Piper, Marv Wolfman, James O'Barr and many more!  See you there!

May 4, 2015

Happy Star Wars Day to all our fellow geeks!  Today, A Carrier of Fire has decided to launch two new promos.  The first, which is only valid during the VA Comicon (May 9th, Richmond Raceway Complex, 11am-4pm), is an e-book giveaway.  Mention this post in-person and receive a free digital copy of either 100,000 Years in Detention or Penny Cavalier - your choice!  All we need is your e-mail address to send you the .zip file.  

The second promo, which will be in operation for the foreseeable future, is to receive a digital copy of any of our physical/paperback books you purchase.  Simply put, you get a free digital backup of any in-print book you buy from us at cons or online.  To fulfill this promise for online orders (or if you've already bought a book from us), just let us know via Facebook which book(s) you bought and we'll go on the honor system.  

That's all we've got for now; tell your friends and long live geek non-fiction!

April 24, 2015

Here we are again, dear readers.  Our spring has been rife with cons, illnesses and road trips - jonny has had tuberculosis, a flu, vertigo and a partially-deflated lung in the last 60 days between putting over 3,000 miles on his car in the same amount of time.  On the other hand, there's been a lot going on behind the scenes at A Carrier of Fire!  Much like Penny Cavalier, a considerable amount of research on our upcoming fourth release is being done before jonny is writing much of it, so what seems like no news is really good news.  Interviews are being dusted off, sources are being collected and contacted, facts are being checked and the project itself is coming along slowly but surely.  Simultaneously, jonny has finished over two-thirds of his epic weekly retrospective blog about the Wu-Tang Clan, Map of Shaolin; and submitted his story Botis for publication to several non-fiction periodicals.  More on that as it develops.

January 3, 2015

Hey friends!  Please excuse our long radio silence.  We had a pretty crazy end of the year and yet the end result was that there was very little to report.  However, 2015 is already shaping up to be a banner year!  First, we're proud to announce that despite attending fewer events in 2014 than in 2013, our year-end financials have still shown us an 8% growth over the previous year.  Second, our Appearances & Events page has been updated with our first two conventions of the year:  VA Comicon on Feb. 7 and MadiCon on March 13-15.  We're looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and meeting new friends and reacquainting ourselves with familiar faces as the year starts.

Thanks for staying with us.  Look forward to much more as we kick this year off right!  Until then, stay geeked!


July 10, 2014

Starting today, DisasterLand: Centralia is a set-your-price project!  Here's the URL:  http://bit.ly/1sFP7Re If you like it, please send us a fair amount via PayPal (link below) and/or share the link with your friends on your favorite social media site and tell them to do the same.

That PayPal link is right here (or you can visit PayPal and send your donation to jonny.lupsha@gmail.com):  

Cheers!  Spread the word!
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